"A couple months ago I was told by my chiropractor that I could benefit from the services at Max Treatment Center. I have had several on going problems due to repetitive motion from my work and leisure activities. Two big problem areas that have been bothering me for over a year are my elbows and a spot in my back. The elbows have been a constant pain that required icing daily to relieve the pain, and the spot in my back was a tight pinching that would act up from certain lifting and paddling from surfing and paddle boarding.

After just the first session of Micro Treatment and Deep Tissue Massage there was a HUGE noticeable difference to both areas. After several sessions the problems were not quit problems any more. Without the help from Max Treatment I could not go through the day as pain free as I do now.

I would highly recommend to anyone with physical ailments to check it out."
Sean Reilly – Reilly Surfboards


"I have been enjoying the relaxing therapeutic benefits of Tamara's massages for over a year. Tamara's calm spirit and vitality in the art of massage is ever present in her work with me. She is a wonderful person and an accomplished professional who enjoys facilitating the health and well-being of her clients. I look forward to my massage time with Tamara as I always come away with an overall relaxation of my body and mind."
John Petri – Chief Financial Officer

"I love MAX Treatment Center. Tamara Austin is outstanding at what she does. I've sent my closest friends and family to Max Treatment Center for massages, facials, micro-current therapy and without fail, everyone I sent called me immediately after to say how great their experience was. Not only did they enjoy the experience, each one learned something new about their health and wellness. I've also hired Tamara for an upcoming spa party at my home and can't wait!! So, thank you Tamara for your professionalism, customer care and for simply being great at what you do!"
Joannie Jorczak, CPCC – Light the Way Coaching
"Severely injuring a hamstring on my 40th birthday, I knew recovery would be difficult. However, I didn't realize how hampered all my physical activity would be even a year later. I couldn't run, teach a yoga class (much less take one) or even sometimes walk up a set of stairs without incurring pain. Finally I found Tamara and Max Treatment. Right away, she found and diagnosed what others had missed - an injury hidden at the very top of the muscle. After the first micro-current session, I could run again! After three sessions, my muscles have re-balanced and the injury has finally healed.

If you have an injury, walk/hobble/run to Max Treatment! Tamara is a miracle worker. Thank you Tamara and Max Treatment! You will always be part of my team!"
Felicia Laconi – Micro Current Client and Now a Half Marathoner

MicroCurrent (Pain Relief and Accelerated Healing)

I was referred to Tamara by my chiropractor because of a "frozen" left shoulder.  He thought the Microcurrent Therapy would help free up my shoulder. At the time I went in, I was also having with my right shoulder (often, the pain was so bad at night that I needed to sit up to sleep).  I have had four treatments so far, and the differences are AMAZING!  I am already able to sleep at night without pain.  The Microcurrent Therapy does great things, and has really helped.  I only wish I had known about Tamara earlier.

Brian C.
Manhattan Beach, CA

I currently play for the Long Beach State Men's volleyball team.  I sprained my ankle badly mid-season during a match.  My father had wonderful results with Tamara's Micro-current Therapy for his shoulder surgery/problems, so I thought it would be a good idea if I gave it a try.  I do not regret it one bit.  Tamara is really nice and knows exactly what she is doing.   After going just a few days with a couple of treatments per day, all of the bruising and discoloration disappeared out of my foot/ankle.  The swelling went down dramatically and my ankle felt great. Less than a month later I was able to get back to working out hard and practicing with my team.  Needless to say, if I ever get an injury again, I will definitely be returning.  This stuff works.

Ian S. 
Manhattan Beach, CA

It's much more than a massage and spa. I play basketball on Thursday night and if I ever pull a muscle, twist an ankle or any injury I find a few treatments of her Microcurrent has me back in a couple days.  The Massages and Pilates are awesome as well!

If your body needs some work or to stay fine tuned you got to go.

John U. 
Hermosa Beach, CA


Best massage in the beach cities!  MAX Treatment Center is a little gem in Manhattan Beach!  I started seeing Owner / Therapist, Tamara, over a year ago to try her Microcurrent Therapy. I had injuries in both my shoulders and was seriously deciding between surgery and time- consuming physical therapy, neither one a favorable option. I could barely lift one of my arms above my waist.  I'll admit , I was skeptical of the Microcurrent therapy, because I didn't know much about it. But, with one hourly session per week, both of my shoulders were fine in about 3 months, with full range of motion!  And the pain has not returned. Since then she has helped me with plantar fasciitis in my heel, as well.
In addition to that, Tamara is the best Massage therapist I've been to in the area.   She has an intuitive  touch, gets to the root of your muscular problem, and no two massages are ever the same. I have had tons of massages in the area and she is the best. MAX is not a frilly spa, it's a small space. But it's worth skipping the bath robes, fancy showers and amature massage, to get the real deal!

Leanna M.
Torrance, CA

"Thanks again for the Microcurrent Therapy, I really do feel alot better. My shoulder was really in pain prior to my visit and I hadn't been able to go surfing. Not surfing for more than a few days really negatively impacts my mood. After the session I felt the mobility had immediately improved and within a few days the pain was completely gone! It's a great technology and while I hope to not get injured again... the next time I do I'll be back!"
Jeff Snyder