Our Services

Pain Relief

Micro-Current Therapy(Accelerated Healing Treatments)

Generally, this includes one-three areas where the injured area is treated for both swelling/pain and chronic/tight issues. 
Full Session: 50 minutes: $120  Mention the Internet Special and recieve $10 off your treatment)
Series of 6 Full Sessions: $660.00

Half Session: 25 minutes: $69  Mention the Internet Special and receive $5 off your treatment
Series of 6 Half Sessions: $360.00

Micro-Current and Massage Combination

Extended Session $145 (75-80 minutes)
Full Session: $110 (45-50 minutes)
Series of 6 Full Sessions: $540.00

Half Session: $69 (20-25 minutes)
Series of 6 Half Sessions: $360

Massage Treatments

Full Session $75.00
Half Session $45.00



A custom massage to meet your need and specifications.

Deep Tissue Work...Deep in the areas you need it most to relieve tension.

Half Session: $45
Full Session $75
Session and a Half: $120

Body Treatments

Cellulite Treatment

A favorite ....targeted treatment begins with a vigorous scrub to remove dead dry skin cells followed by an application of Cellu-Lift Creme that will penetrate the skin to stimulate cells and improve skin tone; then Microcurrent is applied for deep cell stimulation and lymphatic movement, leaving the skin feeling firm toned and slimmer.

Full Body Scrub

Get your Glow On! An intoxicatingly smooth exfoliation and hydration with Agave Nectar. Leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and hydrated.
Full Session: $85


Signature Facial:

A custom treatment designed to meet the needs of your skin. Your skin changes with seasons and temperature frequently. An in depth look at your skins needs and a treatment customized specifically to your concerns and your skin type.
50 minutes: $95
Add a Peel into your Treatment: $30.00
Add an Enhancer: $20.00

Rejuvenating Micro-Current Facial:

Experience the effects of tightening and toning, rehydration and boosting of your skins health in this relaxing treatment. This treatment targets the neck and face and applies special attention to wrinkles of the eyes, and the fine lines around the lips. Complete with hand and arm massage and Enzyme Masque to make your skin feel alive and glowing once again.
80 minutes: $145.00
Packages of 6 Session: $840.00

Resurfacing Peels:

1. Enzyme/Peptide Resuracing Solution:
Skin Type Indications: Unbalanced/Sensitive, Pregnant and Teens

2. Vitamin C Enzyme Resurfacing Solution:
Skin Type Indications: Rosacea; Dry/dehydrated and Pregnant

3. Lactic/Kojic Resurfacing Solution:
Skin Type Indications: Pigmentation

4. Glycolic/retinol resurfacing Solution:
Skin Type Indications: Wrinkles

5. Salicylic/Glycolic Resurfacing Solution:
Skin Type Indications: Acne Grades I & II

Impact your skin with a Package of 5 Peels: $250
Add a Peel into your Treatment: $45.00
Add an Enhancer: $20.00


Boost Any of these Treatments with:
25% Hyaluronic Acid Facial Enhancer: Super Hydration
25% Kojic Acid Facial Enhancer: Skin Lightener/Brightener
25% Retinol Facial Enhancer: Vitamin A-Collagen Synthesis
25% Vitamin C Facial Enhancer: Vitamin C Anti-Oxidant
25% Antioxidant facial Enhancer: Super Antioxidant, non-irritating, hydrating, moisturizing, anti-aging, skin lightening


Eyebrow – $18 ($15 with a Signature Facial)
Lip/Chin – $10
Bikini Line – $20 & up
Under Arm – $15
Back – $45 & up
Lower/Upper Leg – $35 & up


1 Session: $65
Package of 5: $300 ($60 a session)
Package of 10: $550 ($55 a session)
Package of 20: $1000 ($50 a session)


  • Out Call Services
  • Corporate Chair Massage
  • Special Event Chair Massage
  • Bridal Parties
  • Girls Night Out Parties

ALL APPOINTMENTS – Plan to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment to allow us to get to know you and your needs. Late comers will incur the full fee for shortened treatments.